Guest Speaker

  • The students of Grade 9A and 9B had a Talk with speakers from Belgium - An Mertens and her husband Philippe on 12th December, 2016. They discussed about their life and how their interests in the Indian language and Bollywood dance landed them here in India.
    They shared with the students what Belgium is all about and what it is famous for. They also went on to discuss current topics like the Syrian war and how this affects their country due to the increase of refugees seeking their country's help. The most interesting part of the discussion was about how the language in their country has different dialects and how they adjust and adapt to these dialects. The students thus made a connection to the English language and how it is spoken around India, and other languages, for example, Hindi and its dialects.

  • Students of Jr Kg interacted with a Guest speaker from Italy who shared her personal experience in the form of a story and also provided information about her country, family, culture , food etc. Through this students understood that stories can convey meaning or give information. Students reflected on their learning and shared their understanding through illustrations.

  • Using provocations with emergent planning can steer inquiry into an exciting area which helps to make the inquiry interactive and engaging. Guest speakers are special individuals of respected stature who are invited to supplement the theoretical knowledge of students. Thus, they play a gigantic and important role in learning as they convey a compelling message that forms an imprint in the minds of the students.The students of grade 5 interacted with a traveler from Serbia. Ms. Jelena who talked about the culture and traditions, way of life , architecture and shared a whole lot of information about her beautiful country. Students thus emerged as knowledgeable individuals as they displayed their curiosity by listening to and exploring the culture of the people of Serbia and were able to learn about the world and its people. This talk indeed served as a stable stepping stone to further their inquiry under the theme – “Sharing the Planet.”

  • DYPIS hosted Dr. Suhel Dabawala for a guest lecture (part of the Clap Talk Series) last week. His talk was an extension of the topic recently taught in class called “Microorganisms”. He spoke about parts of the teeth, the correct brushing technique and how to keep teeth healthy by brushing, rinsing, flossing and regular dental checkup. He also touched upon the harmful impacts of sugary drinks on teeth and how children need to limit the intake of the same.
    The last part of the session was an interactive one that allowed students to ask a variety of questions enabling them get a thorough understanding on this topic.
    Such talks besides enhancing conceptual knowledge of students also aid in broadening their perspective.

  • Students of grade 1 were facilitated to understand the importance of oral hygiene by a Dentist from UAE, as part of their current unit of inquiry under the theme- Who we are , focusing on Healthy lifestyles. They viewed a story to learn about the ways to take care of their teeth, the different foods that need to be included in their diet and the foods that they should completely avoid in order to have strong, healthy teeth. Also, the students were engaged in a healthy tooth activity. Following which the dentist demonstrated the correct way to brush and floss our teeth daily. As part of his conclusion, the dentist offered a free dental check up for all the grade 1 students, and each child was provided with their personal dental check up card .

  • As part of our guest lecture series, on 18th October 2016 we invited Ms. Jill (a US citizen) to address students on the topic of tolerance and empathy and how to mould oneself into a better global citizen. It was an enriching experience for students to look at these attributes from the viewpoint of another culture.

  • Students of Grade 11 interacted with Mr Todd from US of A. This was part of the CAS Program wherein he shared details of his cycling for happiness experience with students.

  • To help students gain a perspective about some global celebrations and further make connections across cultures, students of senior kg interacted with a guest speaker from Ireland who shared the various festivals celebrated in her country such as Saint Patrick's Day, Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, students learned about the flag of Ireland and the staple food.

  • Students of grade 5 interacted with Ms. Tanya from Russia .They enhanced their communication skills (listening) as they curiously listened to the importance of emotional intelligence as an important contributor to well being and gained an insight into the Russian culture. This emerged as knowledgeable individuals as they were able to learn about the world, its people and cultures.