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    Field Trips / Study Abroad Trips

    At DYPIS we strongly believe in education beyond the classroom walls. Keeping this aim in mind, we plan field visits / curriculum excursions for our students across grade levels.

    The following are some of the visits our students have gone to in the past:

    Grade 10 - Belgium and Austria (November 2014)

    Students of Grade 10 visited the DYP Antwerp school as part of the student exchange program and attended several classes, worked on joint community service projects and played football matches with their counterparts from the Antwerp school. Students also participated in an introductory 3 day skiing program in the Austrian Alps

    Sailing Camp at Alibaug (November 2014)

    As part of the IB CAS Program, our Grade 12 students participated in a 3 day sailing camp at Alibaug with Aquasail.

    At the end of this camp, students were successfully able to

    • Steer the boat and trim the sails (helming and crewing)
    • Learn the Maneuvers – tacking, gybing • Kayak
    • Rig and unrig
    • Capsize drill
    • Launch and recover a boat off a beach

    Students also were awarded AYA (Aquasail Yachting Academy) Certificate of Competency

    Group 4 Project (Inter-disciplinary Science Project) trip to Borneo (Malaysia) - March 2015

    Our Grade 11 students visited the rainforests in Borneo for a week after their second term exams. They spent two days in Sepilok, going to the two rehabilitation centres , one for orangutans and the other for Sun Bears. Students participated in activities that helped them learn how data is collected for understanding animal behavior, and how enrichment programs can be used to prevent animals from getting stressed or bored when confined in a cage or a small area.
    On the way to Sukau from Sepilok, we visited a school in one of palm oil plantations, spent three hours interacting with young students. As part of CAS, students from DYPIS engaged them in decorating frames for photos, and also taught them how to do the traditional ‘garba dance’
    At Sukau, we stayed close to the river and traveled by boats to observe the diversity in the region, going up and down the river both at day time and at night.

    Field Visit to IUCAA Pune

    The Science students of IB Diploma 1 and 2 visited the IUCAA Campus in Pune. During this trip the students attended a lecture by Prof. J. V. Narlikar, an internationally recognized name in the field of cosmology. He spoke at length on the topic of Astrobiology, an area in which the students showed great interest and had many questions to ask, thus making the session extremely interactive.
    In the evening students were shown the night sky (at IUCAA campus) through a telescope. They got to see the crescent moon with its craters, Jupiter with its cloud rings, a dark red spot along with 4 of its satellites and important constellations like Orion, Taurus etc. They also learnt to identify these in the night sky. To make it interesting, they were also given a background on the mythological aspects of what they had seen.

    Excursion to Hanifl Centre, Mussorie (March 2015)

    During this trip Grade 8 students got the opportunity to create a herbarium of local fauna, work at an organic garden, visit the Tibetan Home Foundation, hike to Top Tibba and engage in fun activities with Woodstock school students.
    Students also spent 1 day rafting in the famous rapids at Rishikesh
    Visit to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

    Students from Grade 7 visited Jodhpur and Jaisalmer for 5 days soaking in all the history and architectural beauty of these cities. Students also visited a windmill (located on the outskirts of Jodhpur) to understand how wind energy is generated. The highlight of the trip was the visit to the Indian Army cantonment wherein students got the first hand opportunity to interact with soldiers as well as see the inside of a military tank.

    Grade 9 and 10 students trip to France

    As part of our language immersion program, students of Grade 9 and 10 (IGCSE) visited France for 6 days. Students also visited a local school in Paris and interacted and played games with local students.

    The visit enabled students experience french culture, cuisine as well as interact with locals.